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3 Ways To Prepare For a Custom Home Renovation

We know home renovation can be stressful, so here are three ways you can make your renovation process easier to handle!

by Kelsi Waible | Jan 23, 2023 | Renovating

1. Make a plan for your children and animals

Be sure to keep them away from the construction area to avoid any mishaps. Construction might interrupt your child's nap time, so finding an area in your home that is furthest away from the main construction area might make sleeping easier. 

The loud noise might scare your pets, so finding an out-of-home pet sitter might be a good option. 

2. Self care

Home renovation might be stressful. It will be loud, there will be lots of dust, and certain areas of your home might be off-limits. Remember, this is only temporary. The outcome of these stressors will be worth it in the end! Ways to cope with this type of stress is to take a break from the stressful environment. Getting out of the house for a nice walk or trip to the store could be just what you’ll need. Stay positive and trust that everything is being taken care of. 

3. Create a safe space

The only area of your home that will be interrupted is the construction zone, though it may give you peace of mind to create a designated “safe space”. An area where your valued belongings are kept, nice calming music is ready to be enjoyed, as well as a refreshing beverage and snack can provide you with your very own sanctuary away from the excitement of the renovation. 

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