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Crafting Perfection - A Celebration of Completion 

It's a moment of triumph at Journeyman Exteriors as we proudly announce the completion of a transformative project that has breathed new life into a home. From handcrafted windows and meticulous trim to a fresh coat of exterior paint and artisanal siding, every detail has been carefully considered and executed to make this house brand new. In this blog post, join us in celebrating the craftsmanship that went into crafting perfection, from honey-colored T&G pillars to gleaming new gutters.

by Kelsi Waible | May 23, 2023 | About Us

Before the Magic - A Glimpse into the Past:

Before the expert hands of our craftsmen touched this home, it stood with its untold story and untapped potential. The "before" photos capture the essence of the original state – windows showing signs of wear, trim lacking definition, faded paint, and siding that had weathered the years. It was a canvas awaiting the artistry of our team.

Artisanal Siding – A Continuation of Craftsmanship:

The siding, as seen in the "before" photos, tells a story of wear and exposure to the elements. The "during" phase showcases the ongoing artisanship involved in selecting and installing each plank. The transformation is captured not just in the "after" but in the progression from old to new, highlighting the dedication to craftsmanship.

Proudly Complete - A Celebration in the "After" Photo:

As we proudly celebrate the completion of this project, the "after" photo stands as a testament to the journey undertaken. Every element, from windows to gutters, has been handcrafted to perfection. The visual narrative provided by the "before," "during," and "after" images emphasizes the impact of quality craftsmanship on the overall transformation of a home.

Honey-Colored T&G Pillars – From Unassuming to Signature Feature:

The honey-colored T&G pillars, once unassuming in the "before" photos, have evolved into a signature feature that adds warmth and character to the entryway. Compare the "before" to the "after" as these pillars become a defining element of the transformed home, capturing the essence of the completed project.

Conclusion: A New Era of Perfection:

At Journeyman Exteriors, we celebrate not just the completion of a project but the beginning of a new era for this home. The "before" and "after" photos serve as a powerful narrative of the journey we've traveled, capturing the craftsmanship, dedication, and passion that define our work. Welcome to a new era of perfection – where every detail tells a story, and every home is a masterpiece in the making!

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