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Meet Our Mascot, QC Clutch - The Pawsitively Adorable Quality Control Inspector!

At Journeyman Exteriors, we not only prioritize quality in our siding, roofing, and windows but have a four-legged expert to ensure it—QC Clutch! This pitbull powerhouse is not just a cuddly face; he's an essential member of our team, overseeing our quality control processes. In this blog post, get ready to fall in love with QC Clutch and discover how he brings a whole new meaning to the term "quality control."

by Kelsi Waible | May 9, 2023 | About Us

A Pawfect Introduction

QC Clutch, the pitbull with a heart as big as his paws, is not your average mascot. With a tough exterior and a heart of gold, he embodies the spirit of dedication and love that we bring to our siding, roofing, and windows. Whether he's inspecting a batch of materials or spreading joy around the office, QC Clutch is always on a mission to make our products and workplace the best they can be.

Quality Control Extraordinaire

When it comes to quality control, QC Clutch takes his job seriously. His keen nose and sharp eyes are always on the lookout for the smallest details that can make a big difference in our siding, roofing, and windows projects. From checking the durability of our siding materials to ensuring precise window measurements, QC Clutch is the epitome of precision and thoroughness.

While QC Clutch may be a quality control expert, he's also a master at spreading love and joy. His warm and cuddly demeanor makes him the go-to stress-reliever in the office, ensuring that our team is always in high spirits. A quick cuddle session with QC Clutch is just what everyone needs to recharge during a busy day.

Here are some fun facts about pit bulls

  1. Pit Bulls are not born aggressive
    You're probably familiar with the term "nature vs nurture", Pit Bulls, just like any dog, follow learned behavior taught by the humans who raise them. Simply, a well taken care of and loved dog will be happy and well-adjusted. 

  2. Pit Bulls are great farm dogs
    In early American culture, pit bulls became more popular as farming dogs. Their agility, strong muscles and intelligent minds helped farmers protect their flocks against predators.  

  3. Pit Bulls are natural caretakers
    Referred to as "nanny dogs", pit bulls served as protectors for young children and were trained to be extremely gentle and affectionate towards humans. 

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