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Construction Complete: An Overview of Our Most Recent Work

At Journeyman Exteriors, we take pride in delivering transformative home improvement projects that redefine the aesthetic and functionality of our clients' homes. In our latest endeavor, we undertook a comprehensive exterior transformation that included roofing, siding, windows, trim, exterior paint, columns, and every detail you see on the exterior. This blog post takes you through the journey of this remarkable project, showcasing the expertise, dedication, and attention to detail that define our commitment to excellence.

by Kelsi Waible | March 9, 2023 | Siding

before                                       after

Roofing Redefined:

The first phase of our project involved revamping the roof, a crucial element that not only protects the home but also contributes to its overall curb appeal. Our team carefully selected high-quality roofing materials, ensuring durability, weather resistance, and aesthetic harmony with the home's architecture. The result is a roof that not only provides superior protection but also enhances the visual appeal of the entire property.

Siding with Style:

Siding is more than just a protective layer; it's a design element that can transform the entire look of a home. We meticulously chose siding materials that not only offer durability but also complement the architectural style of the property. The new siding brings a fresh and modern aesthetic, adding character and charm to the exterior.

Windows that Illuminate:

Windows play a crucial role in both aesthetics and functionality. Our project included the installation of energy-efficient windows that not only enhance natural light but also contribute to improved insulation. The result is a brighter, more comfortable interior that seamlessly integrates with the refreshed exterior.

Trimming Perfection:

Attention to detail is our hallmark, and this project was no exception. The trim work was executed with precision, adding a refined finish to windows, doors, and architectural features. The carefully crafted trim enhances the overall aesthetics, creating a polished and cohesive exterior.

Exterior Paint Elegance:

A fresh coat of exterior paint can breathe new life into a home. Our color experts collaborated with the homeowners to select a palette that complements the surrounding landscape and architectural elements. The result is a harmonious blend of colors that enhances the home's visual appeal.

Column Makeover:

Columns are not just structural elements; they are design statements. Our project included a makeover of columns, ensuring they align seamlessly with the overall design concept. The choice of materials and design details reflects a commitment to craftsmanship and timeless elegance.

Every Detail Considered:

From the grand elements like roofing and siding to the intricate details like trim and columns, every aspect of the exterior was carefully considered and executed. The result is a home that stands as a testament to our dedication to delivering comprehensive and cohesive transformations.


The completion of this comprehensive exterior transformation project signifies not just a change in appearance but a commitment to elevating homes to their fullest potential. At Journeyman Exteriors, we blend expertise, creativity, and craftsmanship to bring visions to life. If you're considering a home exterior makeover, trust us to deliver a transformation that exceeds expectations and turns your house into the home of your dreams.

"Construction can be a hard, physically demanding job, but most siding installers are true professionals. Learn their names. Have daily conversations with them. A good relationship with your crew will help ensure you have a great siding replacement experience."

- James Hardie Blog, Mark Petersen 8/9/2022

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