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10 Tips to Maximize Small House Spaces

Do you live in a small space? Whether it's an apartment, shared house or a tiny home, there are many ways to maximize your small house spaces!

by Kelsi Waible | March 7, 2023 | Tips

1. Declutter Your Home!

Check for anything damaged or broken that needs to be thrown away. Not in love with that big “antique” lamp you found at a garage sale? Donate it! You can also go through each item in your wardrobe and check if everything still fits, and matches your current style. 

2. Organize Storage Spaces

Has it been awhile since you’ve organized your closets and pantry? Even if you don’t find anything to throw out or donate, organizing storage spaces can give that feeling of being neat and tidy! (And it might even feel like you have more room)

3. Utilize Furniture with Exposed Legs

Whether it’s a couch, coffee table and/or cabinet, having furniture with room underneath can serve a couple benefits. Besides creating the illusion of more space, you can also store various things underneath! We recommend filling the space under lifted furniture, if you and your family own any pets small enough to hide underneath, it might be hard to access them if needed during an emergency. 

4. Maximize Wall Spaces

Shelves, shelves, shelves! Grab that handy hammer and get those shelves on your walls! (If you don’t already) If you love having lots of knick-knacks, books or collectables, shelves are a great way to save space while also enjoying your decorations. Don’t forget, you can hang plants, too!

5. Install a Hideaway Desk

Furniture that can be tucked away when not in use is a great way to maximize your small living space. Beds, desks, TV-trays and more! There’s lots of furniture that can be folded or put away available out there, you can even check for used pieces for saving money. 

6. Fill Those Corners

When you look around the rooms of your home, are you utilizing the corners to their potential? Corner shelves are a great way to display your smaller belongings. Tucking furniture into corners can make room for other pieces, or some walking space. 

7. Light-Colored Walls

Light, airy colors give the illusion of space. Neutral colors reflect more light and make a room feel larger. Dark paint and bold wallpapers can make your living space feel cramped and tight, especially a dark ceiling! 

8. Give Bunk Beds a Try! 

Have kiddos that sleep in separate beds? Utilize your living space with bunk beds. Stacking beds can save lots of space for a small bedroom space, plus, there are adult sized bunk beds out there!

9. Keep Experimenting 

Be sure to keep an experimental attitude, try different layouts and swap larger items to  see how you can maximize your living space. Stressed about having too much stuff in too small of a space? Do some research on “Minimalist Living”, this is a great way to keep spaces decluttered and tidy!

10. Get Out of the House

When you’re feeling cooped-up and confined to your home, be sure to get some fresh air. Taking a walk and enjoying the outside world can give you a well-needed break from your tight home space. Don’t forget, your home is your happy place, make it work for you! 

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